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Help Help Help [ that's a help call; thrice]

An article in news.com.au titled "Haiti's poorest reduced to eating dirt" dated Jan 29, 2008 shows how people in Haiti, eat cookies made out of dirt! At first I was like what the but as I read, my face glued to the monitor and my heart filled with pain for these people, I couldn't stare more at the biscuit lying on my table. I guess at the end of the day, countries go at war [both internally and externally] against each other, people die, leaders are born and history written but what of these nations who don't have any choice, are they suppose to carry on like this?


Darwin's law is very harsh because survival of the fittest holds true. But it is also ironic how much food westerns waste and even take the very concept of being able to afford food for granted.
Yeah I mean I am not a westerner as well but I also waste food. I think it I ought to stop doing that.
as a human, where have we come? where does all that money from UN world food program go? perhaps the children of health minister of Haiti dont even know what a mud cookie is..

also see the photo gallery http://www.news.com.au/gallery/0,23607,5029252-5007150,00.html. it's devastating.
Yeah the photo gallery is very nice in that we see the reality on the face of this mother earth and it's inhabitant in a place called Haiti.
Could be improved by having an image showing a teenage kid chucking some MacDonalds "double-cheese" burger in the bin as well I guess. :/


disgusting cookie business...

And they sell it to d people? oh my god, it's disgusting... I used to throw away left overs back home but here I don't leave anything that I can't finish from my plate 2, I store them...bcoz no 1 wld even care if I don't eat here 2morrow..this eating business cld get this tough I nvr knew when I was pamper'd back home 2 finish my meal and I'd go Nah''
So pple don't waste food coz hundreds can't afford food 4 mths...Share it wid thoz who r hungry instead.

Re: disgusting cookie business...

Yeah I know.. I suppose lot of us did the same back home. But as people tend to mature, it's kind of known that they won't waste the food on the table. Just my .02.

It's pretty disheartening that they have to eat the cookies really.. I could be wrong here, those mud-cookies could be their perfect staple diet and that I could be frowned upon by them but hey... what is normal these days? and also without more research into this subject, it's hard to say that it's NOT their staple diet you know ;-)